Jack Grelle

Steering Me Away


Jack Grelle’s second album, “Steering Me Away,” is an all-out celebration of the classic country sound. Drawing influences from Bakersfield, outlaw country, and Townes Van Zandt, this LP showcases a love for the genre as well as an ability to faithfully and soulfully reproduce the sounds.¬†Thematically, the album deals with companionship and life on the road. Musically, it features a large cast of Big Muddy Records regulars as well as some new friends including Gary Hunt of Sun Volt.

“Radio pop country can go to hell; this is how it is really done!” – No Depression

“On Jack Grelle’s second LP, Steering Me Away, Big Muddy now has a bona-fide classic country album on its shelf, complete with honky-tonk twang and a Music Row slickness.” – Riverfront Times

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