The Hooten Hallers “Dig” on

A new Hooten Hallers single has debuted on Pure Volume! Click here to listen. 

Kellie Everett, who wrote the song, had this to say about it:

“In some ways, it’s a classic song about ‘the man’ keeping the ‘little guy’ down, or the boss taking advantage of its workers,” Kellie Everett explains of the tune. “But it’s also a critique about the pay-to-play nature of the music industry, wherein unless you have the money to hire a manager, who has the connections, to get the review, that influences the promoter to book you at the gig/festival, then you find yourself in a position where even the smallest set-back can be a huge stumbling block for independent artists. The age old theme of workers being used to dig for gold and a lot of other players in the game reaping the benefits while the workers struggle to get by.”